The world of subscription boxes

In a world full of people that love convenient, fast, directly to your door service… a lovely person brought us subscription boxes!!  These little treasures bring Christmas at any time of year.

My love for subscription boxes started with the ever popular fabfitfun box.  Live reveals had taken over social media, and I definitely fell in to the trend.  A mystery box that appeared seasonally, right to your door, with all kinds of products, from beauty, to jewelry, to items for everyday living, it was an exciting time when I knew the box had shipped.

After a few months of receiving the fabfitfun box, which comes from the US, my local loving self took over, and I traded that box in for a BCLiving box.  Same idea, but with BC products.

You are probably wondering… what in the world does this have to do with food?  Isn’t this a food blog? … I’m getting there I promise…

I have always known, and very much believed, that we need to support our farmers and ranchers.  Growing up with a very hard working granddad,  I saw the time, care, and passion it took to grow vegetables, take care of livestock, and be a provider.  Because of this, my money is spent at farmer’s markets, local ranches, and local producers any time I can.  I love stopping at fruit stands while I travel, and any other farm stand I can find.  Sometimes the price may be a little higher than your regular grocery store.. but when I can hand my money over directly to the person who raised the animal, or grew the vegetables, it is worth an extra couple of dollars.

Where I live, in Quesnel British Columbia, Canada,  there is a small business called Long Table Grocery.  This business is not only helping to provide a store front for local farmers and producers, and are a fair trade business, meaning the farms receive a higher percentage than they would from a regular grocery store, but they offer bi-weekly subscription boxes! YES!

I received my first boxes today, a basics harvest box, and a farmers choice meat sampler.  The basics harvest box had, lettuce, kohlrabi, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, cabbage, fresh basil, carrots, potatoes, button squash, and green onions.  Everything was very fresh, and great quality.  What we are hoping for through this, is that there might be items in there that could encourage us to get a little creative with our cooking.  I can tell you now… our dinner was pretty tasty tonight!  I have to admit.. I had never tried kohlrabi before, so right off the bat our goal of trying new things was accomplished!  We made a salad with the lettuce, cabbage and kohlrabi, with a delicious vinaigrette from Three Diamond Dressing in Osoyoos BC.  We also roasted the button squash and potatoes with garlic.

The Farmer’s Choice Meat Sampler had pork sausage, steak, stew beef, pork chops, and ground beef, all from different ranches in our area.

If you aren’t from Quesnel, I highly recommend doing some research, and finding a fair trade store in your area… you might even get lucky and be able to experience one of these fun subscription boxes!  If you are from Quesnel,  Long Table Grocery is located in West Quesnel, had pop up markets on Wednesdays, and you can sign up for your subscription box on their website!!!!!


Happy snacking everyone!

Dave & Ashley



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